1. Prepare a complete list of your current assets and liabilities (see check list below)
  2. Arrange for an appointment in order that we may receive your instructions and to discuss any concerns you might have regarding your Will.
  3. A further appointment will be required to execute your Will in front of two witnesses.



$495.00 + GST for one individual Will (uncomplicated)

$825.00 + GST for Husband/Wife mirror Wills (uncomplicated)

$250.00 + GST for Enduring Power of Attorney

$190.00 + GST for Personal Directive re health care decisions (individual)

$440.00 + GST for Enduring Power of Attorney (couple)

$350.00 + GST for Personal Directive re health care decisions (couple)

$880.00 for Will (uncomplicated), Enduring Power of Attorney and Personal Directive (individual)

$1,225.00 for Will (uncomplicated), Enduring Power of Attorney and Personal Directive (couple)




  1. Provide legal name, current address and occupation of:
    a) Yourself, spouse (partner from an interdependent adult relationship), former spouses, children and ages.
  2. Bring in ALL Separation Agreements, Minutes of Settlement, Court Orders, Pre or Post Nuptial Agreements, Marriage Contracts, Co-habitation Agreements, Adult Interdependent Relationship Agreements, Shareholder or Partnership Agreements that you have signed.
  3. Make written a list of all assets (and bring to meeting), including:
    • Real Estate: particulars of mortgage(s) and current outstanding balance(s) and whether life insured;
    • Personal effects: we suggest that you hand-write a letter indicating specific bequests (remainder falls into residue) which will be enclosed with your original Will
    • Addresses and account numbers of all bank accounts, GIC’s, Term Deposits, safety deposit boxes and any other investments;
    • Particulars of all pensions, including any Pension Division Court Orders and the named beneficiaries for same;
    • RRSPs, RRIFs, Pensions, Segregated Mutual Funds and all beneficiary designations related to these assets.
    • Life insurance policies and numbers, life or term, and the named beneficiaries;
    • Particulars of all outstanding liabilities, including debts and personal guarantees.

  4. We suggest you choose a principal and an alternate Executor.  Please obtain prior consent, preferably choosing an Albertan younger than yourself and business-minded.
  5. If you have any children under the age of 18 years, you must appoint guardians – preferably choosing someone (either single or a couple) who has similar beliefs concerning religion, education and health care as yourself. Prior to appointing anyone, you should seek their consent to the appointment. Also, consider what ages should children inherit (18, 21, 25, etc.).
  6. Your instructions regarding distribution of the residue of the Estate.
  7. Whether or not you wish to donate any organs to science and whether or not you wish to be buried or cremated.
  8. Notice – if preparing joint Wills, we will consider this multiple representation and there will be no confidences.
  9. Please advise whether you wish us to prepare a Enduring Power of Attorney and/or Personal Directive and who you wish to appoint to act on your behalf.